Wastewater Pump For Sale

Water Master Honda 3" Trash Pump

This Honda Powered Water Master Trash Pump offers rapid self-priming capability, with heads to 30 metres and flows up to 1400 L min. Built tough and designed for transferring high volumes of contaminated water through big single closed style impeller ...


Subaru 4" Trash Pump

Designed for pumping clear water on the construction site, mining site or farm station, this Subaru 4 Trash Pump will handle solids debris for the large sized de-watering requirements up to 30mm in diameter. Built to handle the tough demands, the uni ...


Subaru 3" Trash Pump

The Subaru 3 trash Pump will handle solids debris up to 30mm in diameter for the medium sized de-watering tasks on the construction site, mining site, farm station or for rental applications. Driven by the world class 9.0hp Subaru EX engine and prote ...


Water Master Honda 4" Trash Pump

Powered by the world class Honda GX340 engine, this 4 trash pump produces an impressive flow of 2200 litres per minute - great for construction site de-watering, waste water transfer, effluent pump out and slurry pumping. Designed to handle solids in ...

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